• "100% Handling Management by Professional Therapists"

  • Esthetician
  • Skin Therapist
A choice that meets both your needs and expectations.
French luxury cosmetics ERICSON, Italy's best cosmetics RVB, and marine luxury luxury spa brand PHYTOMER's technology meet the elegance of THE 14 DAYS and offer the best service.
Professional therapists who have the know-how of the selected luxury brands with the clinical result of high quality and skin stability, recommend the customized program optimized by 100% handling management considering the skin condition and needs of the customers.

  • Skin Cosmetologist Certificate
  • Bachelor and Associate Degree of Skin Care
  • Completed Ericson Therapy Training in France
  • Beauty License, Practical Training Teacher Beauty Certificate
  • Sports Massage Certificate
  • Completed Training on RVB Therapy in Italy
  • Completion of Prenatal / Postpartum Care Specialist Course
  • Completed PHYTOMER Therapy Training in France
100% Handling Management
Providing the best services of professional therapists along with luxury brand products.
The best choice to meet all your needs and expectations
ERICSON of skin cosmetics delivered by luxury cosmetics
French cosmetics with a long experience in the professional beauty market, innovative cosmetics that reconstruct the scientific technology and harmony of skin cells to deliver true beauty to women, and exquisite cosmetics with high quality and skin stability.
World-class prestige cosmetic RVB
AGGF COSMETIC GROUP of Italy is a spa company named S.P.A, which has historical credibility and brand recognition. It also develops and provides the current trends and beauty values along with know-how, science, technology and well-being of skin care manufacturing industry.
French Marine Luxury Spa Brand PHYTOMER
Phytomer has its own product research institute and cosmetics manufacturing plant, and it is a brand of marine luxury brand which is one step ahead as a component by incorporating the patented ingredient of Phytomer. Phytomer technology has minimized the damage of marine resources by using expensive freeze drying method and supercritical carbon dioxide process.

  • Skin elasticity
  • Anti-aging
  • Whitening effect
  • Alleviation of edema

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