is a unique exercise brand of THE 14 DAYS.
    It is a program that maximizes body fat reduction
    and body balance effect by
    quickly becoming a diet optimized body.

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HOTPILA is a unique exercise brand that is conducted the first hot pilates studio in Korea with a room temperature of 36.5 degrees and a humidity of 40%. It is a unique exercise brand of THE 14 DAYS. This program maximizes the effects and can be used for short-term exercise to quickly lose weight and optimize body balance.
Daily curriculum and diverse teaching methods help to enhance flexibility by helping partial and full body diets such as arms, abdomen, thighs, and calves, as well as making beautiful body lines through body correction, body size reduction and elasticity increase.

  • Life Sports Leader Certificate
  • Diet Exercise Therapy Certificate
  • Exercise Prescription Certificate
  • Pilates and HotPila Certificate
HOTPILA, the first hot pilates studio in Korea
Here are the best HOTPILA instructors in Korea
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  • HotPila's unique diet exercise program consisting diet stretching, pilates, interval training and high-intensity Tabata exercise to strengthen muscles, balance, and concentration


  • Exercise program that can enhance the elasticity of parts and reduce the size of part by using props (mini ball, circle, foam roller, band etc.)


  • Exercise program that includes individual body type correction, rehabilitation effect, balance of body balance and body weight training by using various instruments

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