• What THE 14 DAYS does best is
    to make you beautiful.
  • Satisfaction Rate of Customer Satisfaction Survey 96.5%
  • Customer experience written by over 18,000 people in each program

  • CEO & Supervisor
  • CEO & Manager
The beauty brand THE 14DAYS, which introduced the total care system in Korea for the first time, started with a 1: 1 customized body consulting to present the management according to the body shape, changing the concept of the existing diet method and helping oneself to care for themselves comfortably.
THE 14DAYS's Hot Pilates is a diet-specialized exercise consisting of Pilates, Tabata, and Interval Training. & A calorie management through 1: 1 diet consultation, a detox cocoon to help waste and toxins release, a body slimming treatment for middle- And skin care / body care that is handled 100% of professional therapists.

  • Graduate School of Business, Korea University MBA
  • Obesity Coordinator Certificate
  • Clinical Nutritionist Certificate
  • diet programmer
  • Member of the Korean Obesity Association
  • Obesity, Food and Nutrition, Physical Education, Dance
  • Master Degree in Obesity, Physical Education, Food Nutrition
  • Bachelor and Associate Degree of Diet Health Management
Calories and nutrition, diet at once
We advise you on suggestions and improvements for 1: 1 customized meals.

  • Nutrition
The one-to-one calorie diet counseling to help calorie control through eating habits analysis is done by THE 14 DAYS calorie control diet, 1: 1 consultation with diet dietician.
Dietary counseling is a program designed to improve dietary habits and suggest / improve dietary habits through lifestyle and eating habits, behavior modification process, and diet regimen. We help you manage your self-management and improve your eating habits and prevent yo-yo phenomenon with our online consulting service, our own remote consulting service.

  • Clinical nutritionist, nutritionist license
  • Member of Nutritionist Association
  • Master Degree in Food and Nutrition
  • STEP1 1:1 Body Composition Check-up

  • Body fat mass, muscle mass, body water status, individual component test by edema test
    Measurement and analysis of body composition by bioelectrical impedance principle
    Basic steps for custom consulting by body type
  • STEP2 1:1 Body Shape Check-up

  • Analysis of body fat confinement, elasticity, and body fat analysis by body line check
    Intensive body check-up of parts of body including shoulder, arm, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, ankles
  • STEP3 1:1 Customized Consulting

  • Customized programs optimized for calorie consumption and calorie control
  • STEP4 1:1 Follow-up Management

  • Yo-yo prevention program developed by THE 14 DAYS
    Continuous 1:1 care system for diet professionals to reduce weight loss

  • Diet program of THE 14 DAYS


    Ingenious diet exercise therapy of THE 14 DAYS


    Excretion of waste products and toxins surrounding the fat


    Local fat reduction program using low/medium-frequency waves


    A program to help improve eating habits

  • Whole Body weight loss
  • Upper Body weight loss
  • Lower body weight loss
  • Line ㆍ Elasticity
  • Wedding care
  • Postpartum care
  • Male care


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